Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lapse, links, lots

This is Nate, and it has been a little while. I'm starting my Masters at MSU in a couple weeks, and have started so many projects at the same time, I'm experiencing a bit of a bottleneck in my production of work. Among the many projects, a couple of them we're outlining on this other blog I have with some good friends at MSU:

Projects like a voyeuristic lobby recording button, general networking stuff, and of course, my robot ball project that has taken such a distant back-burner. Other projects include my friend Dave's Sampolin project, using graphite's excellent semi-conductive properties to make an analog controller for creating a software version of Laurie Anderson's Tape-violin thing; an installation piece that will go on my friend's wall soon(ish); and fixing all the electronic things that are broken in our new house.

With the existence of the other blog, I'll double-post between these two as appropriate, but I'm not sure how often it will be appropriate, so I'll just do my best to do a lot and document even more : )

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