Monday, March 15, 2010

Mandola Pickup

I got a new camera with the help of one of my good friends. This weekend, I also got a new motivation to document projects, so here are some pictures:

I was working on a pickup for my Mandola for a while. I was worried about putting anything on the body of the instrument, but then I gave in and just started gluing things on.

It's a piezo element from Radioshack, hooked into a tone/volume module that is identical to that which is in a Fender P-Bass. A couple weeks before, I had just done the same thing in my Lotus P-Bass, so I threw one in an Altoids tin, spray-painted it, and cut it up so that it would attach to my Mandola strap. It doesn't sound great, but it's better than nothing, and if I really want a good sound, I'll save up for a real pickup. Fun : )

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