Monday, September 27, 2010

PS/2 Keyboard and Sanguino

So, I got a couple new toys and have resumed work on the "pile of junk," as I like to call it.  I ordered a Sanguino, two JeeNodes, a RBBB and a USB BUB kit.  I was disappointed to find that communication with the USB BUB didn't work, so I'll have to check that out more tonight.  The Sanguino is up and is in good shape though.  I struggled with getting a PS/2 Keyboard to work with the Sanguino, but the PS2KeyboardExt2 library worked perfectly with a Bare Bones Board, so I'll just have to learn more about the difference between the pins and hopefully make it work for me. 

I got the JeeNodes to try to do some wireless communication between an actor and a light board.  I'll solder the kits together soon, and learn to use them.  The bigger issue for me is learning about lighting board protocols, which may be regular MIDI, but I don't know yet.  That'll be next weekend's project for sure.  If anybody has some ideas/experience with that, let me know! Thanks!

That's about it.  Being in school while trying to do projects like this is tricky, but I think it should work ok.  Today is a writing/research day.  See you!

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