Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bike chain

I wanted to attach a bike gear to the main driving motor of the robot ball, and have it drive against a bike chain mounted around the inside of the ball. I learned about bike chain tools - used to break and mend bike chains to adjust their lengths and remove or replace bike chains - and took apart my old bike.

thanks: http://www.laseralignment.net/lasertips.html

I took it all apart, almost broke my dad's tool from using it incorrectly, and found the chain to be just what I need, although heavy. I may end up buying a plastic one, should this one be very much too heavy.

So, next I took apart the back wheel to try to separate the smallest gear from the rest, and found I should have done a little more research before so completely disassembling the back wheel. The gears aren't put together in a way that will facilitate my taking a single one very easily, so I'm going to just buy one, probably from smallparts.com *shrug*

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